Active Safe

Enhance the Customer Experience with Active Safe.

Maintaining accurate customer payment data can be a challenge for both you and your customers. Active Safe from REPAY automatically and securely refreshes stored cardholder data within a PCI compliant environment to reflect the latest card information provided by all four major card issuers. With Active Safe you avoid the time-consuming and inconvenient task of calling customers when their recurring payments decline.

Ensure on-time payments

Maintain a steady revenue stream

Increase transaction approvals and reduce declines

Cut time spent on the phone tracking down new data

Provide an improved customer experience

Reasons for Card Updates

Cards need updating for several reasons, including if a card is lost or stolen, an account is closed, or due to a brand conversion. Active Safe covers all these scenarios and updates the REPAY portal with new card numbers and expiration dates.

And with updates happening seamlessly behind the scenes every day, you and your customers can stop worrying about missed or declined payments, no matter when the payments are scheduled.

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