Virtual Debit Cards

Virtual Debit Cards for Faster Payments

When it comes to B2B payments, paper check use continues to decline in favor of more convenient payment alternatives. Available through our automated Accounts Payable (AP) processing solution, you can issue virtual debit cards to your vendors for a more secure, lower cost replacement to traditional B2B payment methods.

Issue Virtual Debit Cards for Enhanced AP

Virtual debit cards are single-use cards you issue to your vendors that can be easily added to, altered, or canceled, and even limit use to specific locations or categories. Since the card is digital, the time to fulfillment is instant.

Directly integrated to your existing enterprise resource planning or accounting platform, virtual debit cards offer fast and easy reconciliation and reporting. And shared rewards mean you earn cash back based on your monthly virtual card payment volume.

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Virtual Debit Card

Randomly generated single-use card number for cashless and online B2B payments


Time to Fulfillment
Realtime, Instant

General Requirements
Vendor must accept credit/debit cards for payment


Online payment method using bank routing and account number


Time to Fulfillment
2 Business Days

General Requirements
Requires submission of sensitive bank account info


Paper payment method that draws from a checking account


Time to Fulfillment
5-7 Business Days, with risk of lost or stolen checks through the mail

General Requirements
Employees must be in the office to print, cut, & receive checks

Automated Accounts Payable

AP Automation digitizes your workflow helping you process orders with greater efficiency, reduce manual errors, and avoid late payment fees. Our integrated platform automatically connects to your vendors to determine payment details and notify them when payments are available.

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It’s no secret that having cash and checks at your location isn’t the safest option. Credit and debit card processing solutions increase the safety of your business or office by locking payments in a virtual vault. And we work constantly to help you maintain compliance and meet security regulations.


With other providers, you can't always depend on the service your business deserves. We have the industry's most advanced online reporting capabilities as well as error checking and audit research. We also retain your data for seven years, so you are covered in the event of an audit.


U.S.-based and available 24/7/365, our dedicated customer service team can assist you with all aspects of AP Automation and Virtual Debit Cards including integration, sending and receiving payments, tracking and reporting, and developing, printing, and sending customized communications. Additionally, we have agents available for outbound calls when you need to gather customer data or follow up on payments.