Avoid Long Hold Times with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Deliver unmatched and consistent customer service with IVR functionality from REPAY. We've developed easy-to-follow prompts that allow your customers to self-pay using their credit or debit card or banking information, avoiding long hold times and reducing the number of calls your agents have to answer.

With IVR, no information is exchanged between your customers and agents, making it completely secure. And since agents aren't required to assist, payments can be made 24/7 outside of your dedicated service hours.

41% of IVR Calls Result in a Payment Made

Available in English and Spanish, setup is fast and requires little to no ongoing maintenance. REPAY quickly builds and helps customize your IVR application, issuing a dedicated toll-free number you can provide to your customers for immediate use.

Accept payments 24/7/365 over an automated phone system

Increase customer satisfaction

Expand business hours without additional labor costs

Fast deployment and low maintenance

Comprehensive call tracking

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Our 24/7/365 customer service will assist you with every aspect of the payment program, including transactions, deposits, hardware and software, chargebacks, risk mitigation and billing.