Online Cash

Online Cash Payment Acceptance

All customers have their preferred ways to pay when it comes to paying loans or bills, with some still favoring cash over card or ACH. And accepting and managing cash transactions can require time and resources you may not have available.

Online cash solutions from REPAY reduce the burden of cash acceptance by converting cash into digital payments. Through our comprehensive, powerful platform, you can support any way a customer wants to pay.

A Digital Way to Pay with Cash

REPAY has partnered with Paysafe® to offer its online cash payment solution, Paysafecash, or eCash.

eCash streamlines payment acceptance, enabling customers to pay their loans or bills using cash at any of the thousands of participating payment locations, including major convenience stores, dollar stores, and pharmacies.

Every payment is settled electronically to your system of record for simplified reconciliation and end-to-end payment management all from one place.

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How It Works

Customers and borrowers can pay using cash in a few simple steps.

• Select ‘Cash’ as the payment type at checkout
• Print the barcode or download it to a mobile device
• Locate the nearest payment location and present the cash and barcode

The payment location scans the code and deposits the cash for you. Their system then automatically sends payment data to your management system via API so you know as soon as a payment is made. It’s that simple!

Enhanced Payment Experiences

Supporting more ways to pay improves the customer experience and simplifies payment acceptance.

Increase on-time payments

Reduce operational costs

Eliminate cost of cash management

Lower declines with guaranteed transactions

Added security with no shared personal data


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Our 24/7/365 customer service can assist you with every aspect of payment acceptance, including transactions, deposits, chargebacks, risk mitigation, and billing.