Mortgage Servicing

Offer Mortgage Servicing Convenience with Confidence

As a mortgage servicer, you face tough demands from borrowers and regulators. Your customers want convenient, more flexible ways to pay, but you still have to follow strict processing, notification and service requirements. REPAY’s payment platform makes it easy to keep borrowers happy and you in compliance.

Omni-Channel Mortgage Options

Offering easier ways to pay reduces the number of delinquent payments. Through one platform, you can support credit and debit card and ACH transactions from your borrowers through multiple channels including web, IVR, text, and more! Our platform improves the efficiency of your business operations by automatically applying business rules across various channels, collecting appropriate fees, and reducing overall costs.


  • Business rules at the loan level for regulatory compliance
  • Take partial payments and delinquent payments by web and phone
  • Faster posting times to meet requirements
  • Comprehensive reporting for complete audits of payment lifecycle


  • Fewer resources required to reconcile multiple investor accounts
  • Streamlined exception handling across channels
  • Single point of access for servicing and support
  • User-friendly interface for admins, agents and borrowers
  • Realtime integration with loan servicing platforms

Cost Effective

  • Reduce paper statements through compliant opt-in for e-statements
  • Increase communication with borrowers through email and text alerts
  • Integrated messaging tools for print and digital
  • Reduce agent-assisted and check transactions through self-service payments

Learn more about how simplified payment solutions can benefit mortgage customers.

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Introducing Service Transfer Exchange (STX)

Mortgage service transfers are a burdensome process. Former and new servicers face inefficient, error-prone manual processing and reconciliation when borrowers mail payments to their old servicer. STXSM automates and streamlines mortgage payment routing and processing for a more seamless borrower experience.

Completely unique to the mortgage industry, STX tracks payments, updates the servicing platform, and sends borrower reminders without any heavy lift on the servicers. Learn more about how STX can save servicers time and headaches.

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Mortgage Customer Messaging

Combine the power of payments and communication through our customizable messaging solutions. We design the messaging for you and you use our platform to send and track the communications through the channel most efficient for you, including mail, text, and digital. Compliant with industry requirements, it’s never been easier to keep in touch with borrowers.

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Credit and Debit Processing

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing

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Instant Funding

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Payment Technology

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