Improved Payment Accuracy with Lockbox

Lockbox capabilities from REPAY are a smarter, faster way to process checks and manage any exceptions. Through a direct integration to our platform, raw check images are automatically loaded for analysis, review and decision-making.

Built for Agile Item Processing

After items pass through our proprietary logic, our platform creates the appropriate files – ACH or image cash letter – and transmits it automatically to your financial institution for account posting. We do the heavy lifting!

Customized to your business rules, our platform automatically:

  • Separates items based on type (money order, personal check, etc.)
  • Identifies the least expensive and regulation-appropriate routing for each item (Check 21, ACH, etc.)
  • Applies appropriate check endorsements
  • Enforces business rules based on account status to apply overpayments, reject payments, allocate funds to different investor accounts, or mark as an exception

Streamlined Exception Management

Exception items happen, increasing your costs and burdening your resources. Our platform offers a smarter, faster way to process and resolve “stuck” transactions.

Automatic transmittal of corrected items to bank

Timely update of customer accounts and posting of funds

Fewer resources and less time required to work exceptions

Complete regulatory compliance

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When it comes to your questions about Lockbox, our U.S.-based customer service center is available to provide friendly, bilingual telephone and email support 24/7/365. Our live staff and IVR system meet or beat global performance metrics for fast response, effective issue resolution and more. Additionally, we have agents available for outbound calls when you need to gather customer data or follow up on payments.

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