Hospitality Management

Automated Invoice Fulfillment for All Your Hospitality Vendors

It doesn’t matter if you manage one hotel property or hundreds, keeping up with your vendors and submitting payments to them is no small feat. Save yourself time and material costs, and always have clear insight into your budget by integrating vendor payment automation solutions from REPAY.

Modern Payment Options for Any Vendor Type

Our electronic accounts payable solution was designed to pay your vendors - from linen providers to food services - accurately and promptly at no additional cost to you!

One simple integration to your existing hospitality management system provides direct communication between our platforms. You send digital invoice batches and approve invoices on your end, and we handle the rest, automatically dispersing payments via Virtual Card, ACH and check. We even take care of the setup, validation, updates, and protection of vendor payment data, so you can focus on running your business.

Throw Out That Old Check Binder

66% of B2B businesses still waste valuable time and resources manually issuing paper checks. You don’t have to be one of them! Ditch the stack of checks to sign and send and take advantage of realtime budget insights. Automate your vendor payments today!

Eliminate Manual Data Entry to Reduce Employee Stress

Avoid Late Payment and Other Potential Fees

Increase Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Maintain Consistent and Prompt Movement of Funds

Easily Manage Exceptions and Retry Payments

Increase Transparency with Payment Tracking and Reporting

Did you know using Virtual Cards to pay your vendors can put money BACK in your pocket?

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“The move to REPAY for payment automation has been an absolute win for our company. We spend less time and money processing vendor payments, the payment interface is simple and intuitive, and customer service has been outstanding.”

-Jake McClellan, former CFO, In-Group Hospitality



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