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Enhance Hospitality Management with Optimized AP and AR

It doesn’t matter if you manage one hotel property or hundreds – making payments to vendors and suppliers and collecting them from customers is no small task. Integrate payment automation solutions from REPAY to streamline payables and receivables management within your existing property management system, saving time and material costs and improving cash flow.

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Payment Automation for Simplified AP

Cutting, mailing, and tracking paper checks can be time-consuming and costly. Implement our electronic accounts payable (AP) solution to optimize outbound payments. Automating AP processes enables hotels and property management companies to pay vendors and suppliers accurately and promptly at no additional cost and without the extra work!

Our solutions feature:

• Integrated EMV for transaction protection
• Discounted lodging qualification rates
• Realtime chargeback dispute dashboards

Integrated into your existing property management system, you send us digital invoice batches and approve the payment, and we handle the rest. From vendor enablement to payment data protection, we pay vendors and suppliers their preferred way, including ACH, enhanced ACH, check, and rebate-generating virtual cards.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Streamline Reconciliation

Avoid Late Payment and Other Potential Fees

Increase Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Maintain Consistent and Prompt Movement of Funds

Easily Manage Exceptions and Retry Payments

Accelerate AR Payment Flows

Digitize the customer payment experience to ensure on-time payments and speed up time to revenue. Featuring card and ACH support, customers can conveniently pay using our PCI-compliant web portal anytime and from anywhere.

Through a simple integration into your property management system, effectively and efficiently receive and manage each payment and take advantage of comprehensive, realtime reporting tools which reduce time spent tracking missing payments.

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“The move to REPAY for payment automation has been an absolute win for our company. We spend less time and money processing vendor payments, the payment interface is simple and intuitive, and customer service has been outstanding.”

-Jake McClellan, former CFO, In-Group Hospitality



Automate your AP and AR processes today!

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