HOA Management

Vendor Payment Automation Built for Homeowner Associations (HOA)

Managing an HOA is no easy task. You have residents to assist, budgets to balance, and association boards to please, all while upkeeping your properties. Let REPAY take one thing off your plate by automating your outbound vendor payments! Through our free platform, our technology ensures accurate and prompt payments to your vendors. That means no more stacks of checks to sign and send, and no more lost payments, just a totally seamless process for time and cost savings for you.

The typical HOA management company saves an average of $13 per transaction by eliminating material and labor-intensive processes!

Leave Cumbersome Vendor Payments to Us

Through a simple integration, your existing HOA management platform electronically sends us batches of your vendor invoices. From the portal, you approve funding the payment, and we take it from there. We automatically allocate the funds to each individual vendor via Virtual Card, ACH, or check.

Payments go to the vendor bank accounts that we set up, manage, and securely store for you – no more chasing down vendor account information! Our end-to-end vendor management service can manage hundreds of unique vendors across your individual properties.

Stop cutting checks, paying for expensive software, and worrying about lost payments. Put time back into your properties and better manage your budget with realtime payment tracking and enhanced remittance detail.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry to Reduce Employee Stress

Avoid Late Payment and Other Potential Fees

Increase Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Maintain Consistent and Prompt Movement of Funds

Easily Manage Exceptions and Retry Payments

Increase Transparency with Payment Tracking and Reporting

Did you know using Virtual Cards to pay your vendors can put money BACK in your pocket?

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