Digital Payments for Healthcare Providers

Given the healthcare industry's ever-changing nature, it is critical to have access to flexible solutions that streamline complicated payment processes – without any extra effort. Digital payment and automation solutions from REPAY do just that!

Our platform enables the acceptance of inbound insurance premium and collections payments and automates outbound supplier payments, creating operational efficiencies, accelerating time to payment, and improving financial performance through significant cash rebates.

AP Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems

We've simplified the way hospitals and health systems manage accounts payable (AP) functions by automating and digitizing all supplier payments! Our platform and proprietary network of healthcare suppliers eliminate the need to juggle information across multiple systems.

• We receive the invoice and supplier data
• Our platform electronically pays the suppliers
• Reporting automatically updates for easy reconciliation

Utilize electronic payment methods, including Virtual Cards and ACH, to eliminate the tedious paperwork and manual invoice and payment tracking, and instead generate significant monthly cash rebates you can put back into the business.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry to Reduce Employee Stress

Avoid Late Payment and Other Potential Fees

Increase Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Maintain Consistent and Prompt Movement of Funds

Easily Manage Exceptions and Retry Payments

Increase Transparency with Payment Tracking and Reporting

Insurance Claim Payments Made Easy

Remove long delays associated with the insurance claim process by automating the collection of payments.

Whether collecting premiums or out-of-pocket expenses, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) all benefit from seamless disbursement of funds, end-to-end visibility into claims payments, and automatic updates to management systems.

Stop waiting months to receive payment! Our solutions increase the ease and speed at which funds move between payers and providers.

Powerful Payment Tools for Healthcare Collections

Effectively manage healthcare accounts receivables, improve payment acceptance, and streamline the collections process by offering secure, convenient ways to pay.

In order to collect as many payments as possible, it’s important to offer always-available, easy-to-use payment options. Through our omni-channel payment platform, electronic payments can be made 24/7 without live agent assistance via online portals, text pay, IVR, and more.

With REPAY’s reliable technology, medical providers and billing companies can utilize a comprehensive payment solution that streamlines revenue cycle management and drastically reduces the time and resources required to successfully collect on current and past due invoices and medical bills.

Meaningful Supplier Messaging

It can be complicated to manage your supplier portfolio. Whether linen, medical supply, or janitorial service providers, effortlessly communicate with them using our integrated messaging management tools.

Featuring print and digital options, you can send payment information, Explanation of Benefits, Explanation of Payments, and more through the channel of choice, including text, email, and QR code functionality.

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