Field Services

Payment Support for Field Services

Your field services business thrives when you can help customers quickly and efficiently. While you are busy controlling dispatch, scheduling appointments, tracking inventory, and managing payroll, you can't afford a disruption in supply chain or for service levels to suffer. Implement payment automation solutions from REPAY to automate and digitize outbound payment processing, lessening the burdens on you and your staff. Vendors receive payment faster, and you can focus on providing top-notch service.

A Simpler Way to Service

Outbound vendor payments can require a lot of manual work, whether you employ an accounting team or rely on an office manager to manage them. Simplify back-office processes by automating accounts payable (AP) within the management platform they already use every day.

Our AP automation solutions pay your vendors – parts suppliers, field technicians, fleet maintenance, and more – using digital payment methods such as Virtual Card and ACH without any heavy lift from you. The payment platform provides enhanced remittance and realtime report updates that eliminate painful reconciliation.

• Simplify back-office operations
• Expedite outbound payment delivery
• Eliminate manual paper processes
• Better predict payments
• Easily manage exceptions

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And more!

Automated AP

Paying vendors has never been easier. On day one, we can automate 100% of your payments to them regardless of their capabilities. In a few steps, they receive funds faster, and you have more time to help more customers.

• We receive your invoice and vendor data
• Our platform electronically pays the vendors
• Reporting updates in realtime for easy reconciliation

We handle the entire vendor setup process, too! We obtain, manage, and safely store their payment information, so you don't have to.

Valuable Rebates for Your Business

Manually cutting, sending, and tracking paper checks not only requires significant time, but it can impact your bottom line. Supplies and errors can be costly, and you risk losing payments which can damage vendor relationships.

Ditch the checks for electronic payment methods! Virtual Cards can generate significant monthly cash rebates that can be put back into your business. In fact, you can save an average of $13 per transaction when you eliminate paper checks and take advantage of cost-saving processing rebates.

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Credit and Debit Processing

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing

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Instant Funding

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Payment Technology

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