Elevated Education through Automated Accounts Payable

Educational institutions should be able to fully focus on delivering exceptional educational experiences to their students. However, following strict regulations and requirements, researching new curricula, and budget planning can put a serious strain a staff's time, funds, and resources. Add in vendor payment management and you find yourself with no time left in the day.

Offer your schools some relief with automated accounts payable solutions via our free platform. Because when there are no more checks to cut or track down, your staff can focus on educating.

Better Budget Planning

From kindergartens to colleges, there's no room in your budget to account for lost checks.

Through a simple integration to your existing education management system, you send us the invoices, approve the funding, and we take care of the rest. Payments are sent to your vendors' accounts via virtual card, ACH, or check without any additional work on your side.

And since our platform provides a single view of all incoming invoices and all outbound payments, you benefit from realtime views into your budget and simplified reconciliation for your finance teams.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry to Reduce Employee Stress

Avoid Late Payment and Other Potential Fees

Increase Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Maintain Consistent and Prompt Movement of Funds

Easily Manage Exceptions and Retry Payments

Increase Transparency with Payment Tracking and Reporting

Leave End-to-End Vendor Management to Us

Your organization isn’t equipped to gather and manage vendor bank information, and it shouldn't have to be. We handle all the heavy lifting, working directly with your vendors to set them up to receive payments, continuously update their existing records, and securely store their payment data. Your vendors will be satisfied, and your finance department will thank you!

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Virtual Cards Give Money Back

Costly educational regulations can hurt your budget. Use virtual cards to pay your vendors and give money BACK to your schools. Use the rebates to provide pizza parties, t-shirts, and other fun incentives to students! Learn more about payment rebates through our virtual card program.

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Interested in payment solutions from REPAY?

We offer payment technology to support educational institutions from tuition collection to taking lunch money.

Vendor Payments

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Payment Technology

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Credit and Debit Processing

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing

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