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Increase Member Loyalty with Modern Payment Solutions

You work hard to provide credit union members with the best financial services on the market, let us handle payments for you. Offer members convenient and secure payment options to support their preferred payment methods without straining employees and resources. Through our powerful integrated solutions, you’ll stand out in the crowd!

Self-Serve, Omni-Channel Payments

We understand your members are your top priority. Transform how they pay to enhance their overall experience and boost satisfaction.

Whether they are paying a mortgage, auto loan, or home equity line of credit, our self-serve and 24/7 payment technology enables members to pay the way easiest for them, including using a card or ACH through convenient mobile, web, and text payment channels.

We even make settlement deposits directly to your general ledger (GL), so you can reduce time spent manually transferring funds between bank accounts and dedicate more of your day to your members.

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Security is our top priority. From safeguarding card data to helping you manage risk, we make it our business to protect you and your members.


Our team leverages years of specialized experience to provide informed recommendations and insights into your solutions.


We are integrated with the top core processing platforms and can easily integrate with your proprietary software, so you can trust our technology will seamlessly work with your system.


Dedicated implementation services, risk management resources and 24/7/365 customer service are just a few of the ways our REPAY team supports you.

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Customizable Member Messaging

Well-informed members are happier members, and happier members remain loyal to you. Keep your members up-to-date and engaged using our messaging and communication platform. Use our services to design, approve, and distribute anything from operational announcements to relevant financial news to tips on accessing their online financial tools.

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We invest in the industry and ensure our services are always up to national standards.

Dallas Chapter of Credit Unions
Georgia Credit Union Alliance
League of Southeastern Credit Unions and Affiliates
Oklahoma Credit Union Collection Association

REPAY is a member of the Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® (JHA) Vendor Integration Program (VIP) and has completed the integration to Symitar® through this membership.

Credit and Debit Processing

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing

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Instant Funding

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Payment Technology

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