Consumer Finance

Supporting Lenders to Help Support Their Borrowers

You are a financial lifeline for your customers, especially in times of need. So you should always be able to count on quick, consistent payments with zero interruptions. With REPAY you can. We ensure simple, transparent and reliable payment processing for every industry we service.

Solutions for Bank and Non-Bank Lenders and Servicers

Whether you’re a small independent company or a larger enterprise, we’ll work with you to create customizable solutions that fit the needs of your business. Using our consumer lending expertise we make recommendations that save you money and help you meet all compliance requirements.

Do you currently rely on a loan management system (LMS) to run your business? Let's integrate! Through one simple integration from your LMS to our payment platform, you can provide your borrowing customers faster and more convenient ways to pay. And when paying is easier, you’re more likely to get paid on time.

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Reduced Administrative Overhead

  • Single point of reconciliation and audit of payments
  • Application of payments and dynamic movement of loans across multiple investor groups
  • Full payment lifecycle tracking

Improved Borrower Engagement

  • Innovative text alerts and text-to-pay keeps borrowers engaged
  • Improved collection rates with multichannel borrower payment options
  • Integrated messaging via print and digital
  • Fully supported opt-in to e-statements

Increased Revenue

  • Application of fees at the loan level
  • Incorporation of fees based on loan type, status or location
  • Faster payment posting
  • Increased payment volume by offering multiple forms of payment


From safeguarding card data to helping you manage the complexity of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), we make it our business to keep you and your customers protected.


Our team leverages years of specialized consumer finance experience to provide informed recommendations and insights into your solutions.


We’ve integrated with the top national loan management systems, so you can depend on a seamless integration process.


Dedicated implementation services, ongoing training and 24/7/365 customer service are just a few of the ways our REPAY team supports you and your business.

Convenient Customer Communication

Keep in touch with your customers and increase engagement through our messaging management solutions. Send statements, industry news, or promotions through the channel most convenient for you and your customers, including mail, email, text, and more!

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We ensure our services are always up to national standards.

Our Services

Our nimble technology is designed to help your business thrive. From card processing options to ACH solutions, we have options that best fit your business model. We also provide the onboarding, training and support you need to navigate your consumer finance payment solutions.

Credit and Debit Processing

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Processing

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