Advanced Payment Technology for the Automotive Industry

We ensure payments are always a smooth ride. With REPAY's fully integrated payment technology designed specifically for the auto industry, dealerships and finance companies can easily and securely accept customer payments and manage outbound supplier payments all from one place.

Streamline receivables and payables and make bill payment simple so you can save time and money.

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Payment Acceptance Solutions Designed for Dealerships

It's simple - when payments are easy, you're more likely to get paid on time. We deliver a consistent and frictionless payment experience so your customers can conveniently repay their loans at any time, from anywhere. Whether your customers prefer mobile, web, phone, or text payments, our omni-channel solutions enable your business to meet customer payment preferences and exceed expectations.

And because our platform can integrate with your existing dealer management system (DMS), you'll benefit from reduced manual data entry, increased control and visibility, realtime reporting, and robust reconciliation dashboards.

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From safeguarding card data with our PCI compliant gateway to helping you manage the complexity of changing regulations, we make it our business to protect your business.


Our team leverages years of specialized experience in the auto industry to provide powerful payment solutions uniquely tailored to your dealership or finance company.


We’ve integrated with the top national dealer management systems, so you can trust our technology will seamlessly work with your preferred system.


Dedicated implementation services, ongoing training, and 24/7/365 customer service are just a few of the ways our REPAY team supports you.

Manage Supplier Payments and Stop Chasing Down Checks

You don't pay your personal bills with a check, so why pay your dealership's bill with them? Gain control and save time by automating bill pay with REPAY.

Integrated to your DMS, our payables platform accepts electronic invoice batch files and automatically pays your vendors via Virtual Card, ACH, or check. Payments are tracked in real time, and when the invoice is fulfilled, your reporting is automatically updated, making digital reconciliation a breeze and reducing the time and costs typically associated with manual, paper-heavy processes.

We even obtain, verify, manage, and safely store your vendor payment information so you don't have to! Automate your outbound vendor payments and focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Increase vendor satisfaction with automated Accounts Payable.

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Earn money back through Virtual Card payments.

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The REPAY solutions give both AutoAction and our dealers a competitive edge. We’re able to improve our customer support capabilities and dealer satisfaction by making their customers happier with more payment options and the dealers’ jobs easier with simplified, secure, and automated collections.

-Ramzi Sabra, CEO & President, AutoAction



We ensure our services are always up to national standards.

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