Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc. Initiates Partnership of Two Tech Vendors, REPAY and TCN, Inc.

ATLANTA and ST. GEORGE, Utah and TAMPA, Fla.Aug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to creating efficiencies and elevating the customer experience, Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc. (Tampa) understands the recipe for success. Preferred CMS initiated a dynamic partnership between its payment processing provider, REPAY Realtime Electronic Payments (Atlanta), and its contact center technology provider, TCN (St. George), that promises to deliver an enjoyable and frictionless payment experience for Preferred CMS customers.

TCN’s multichannel communications platform enables companies to improve operations and enhance their customer service through features such as: predictive dialing, interactive voice messaging (IVM), short message service (SMS), voicemail drop, interactive voice response (IVR) and email. Specializing in the consumer finance, ARM and healthcare industries, REPAY offers integrated payment technology solutions that enable businesses to accept real-time payments through a variety of payment methods, ultimately improving collection efforts.

The integration between the companies will enable the Florida-based collections agency to meet medical patients and other consumers’ growing needs by providing a convenient, user-friendly payment option through its already-established IVR system. In addition to offering payment channels via its web portal and SMS messaging, Preferred CMS now offers an integrated IVR solution where consumers can easily make unassisted payments using their phones any time of day without ever speaking with a live agent. After a customer follows TCN’s automated prompts to make a payment, REPAY immediately processes it and communicates the approval and payment details back to Preferred CMS.

The shift in consumer preferences and the downward trend in paying on debts using the traditional methods prompted Preferred CMS to invest in the advanced technology. “Most people want to pay their bills at a time and in a manner convenient to them without having to speak with a representative. Preferred CMS’s partners, TCN and REPAY, are cutting-edge solutions who worked together at our request to make this happen,” said Matt Kiefer, Preferred CMS’s Chief Officer of Information, Compliance, and Development.

“We’re honored to partner with TCN and Preferred CMS to deliver this custom solution. We’ve combined REPAY’s secure payment technology with TCN’s IVR technology to deliver enhanced value to consumers,” said Susan Perlmutter, Chief Revenue Officer of REPAY.

“We are proud to partner with Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc. to equip collections agencies with the most advanced contact center tools they need to stay competitive in today’s market,” said Terrel Bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN.

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REPAY Brings Payment Technology to InterProse Software

ATLANTAAug. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Two powerhouses in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry recently partnered together to create major efficiencies for their shared customers. REPAY Realtime Electronic Payments, a leading payment technology provider that offers the most advanced and secure omnichannel payment services on the market, completed an integration with InterProse, a powerful debt collection software that is proven to be flexible, feature-rich, intuitive and user-friendly.

The partnership will improve the payment process by removing the friction and redundancies often experienced in day-to-day business operations while providing customers with expanded payment options. REPAY’s payment technology will enable InterProse clients to accept payments made with credit and debit cards, HSA cards, and bank accounts at any time through a variety of channels. The integration eliminates the need to double-post payments in both systems, making reconciliation easy and stress-free.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to bring increased value to our customers’ payment experiences. REPAY’s technology paired with the advanced InterProse software will provide our clients with a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said Susan Perlmutter, Chief Revenue Officer of REPAY.

“Seeking and partnering with the best industry providers is a top priority for InterProse. With REPAY as a partner we continue to strengthen ACE as a complete SaaS ecosystem that enables our customers to provide top solutions to the clients and consumers they serve. Together we provide a modern solution that has no peer,” said Matthew Hill, President/CEO of InterProse.

About InterProse
InterProse builds, delivers, upgrades, and supports the most advanced web-based debt recovery software on the market. Serving industries at every customer level, from start-up to enterprise, InterProse develops technology to help customers do more with fewer resources by stressing process automations and technology integrations. InterProse strives to be the most flexible, modern solution available for its target markets of third party debt collections and original credit grantors. For more information, visit

REPAY Realtime Electronic Payments is a full-service provider of electronic transaction processing services for a variety of integrated end markets. The REPAY payment platform provides direct integration to core systems and access to a suite of payment technology products including credit/debit card processing, ACH processing, IVR/phone pay, text pay, electronic bill payment systems, and white-labeled consumer-facing portals, including mobile apps. For more information, visit


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