Shaler Alias, CPP


Shaler Alias is the President and co‐founder of REPAY. As President, he is responsible for managing all merchant acquiring portfolios.

The majority of Shaler’s professional career has been spent in sales and sales management in the debt and transactional processing industry. From 2004‐2006, he served as Director of Sales and Marketing for Capital Recovery Solutions, an accounts receivable management firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2006, Shaler and John Morris developed a transaction set known as VISA POS specifically for the payday advance industry. After selling this product to over 5,000 subprime lending locations in less than two years, they decided to grow and diversify the REPAY portfolio. In 2008 and 2009, REPAY added four product lines that would allow the company to grow vertically in the subprime lending space.

Shaler attended the University of Mississippi where he completed his bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.